{May 10, 2013}   Flexible

The sudden drop in temperature on top of the unexpected snowstorm freezes the surface of the parking lot so much so it resembles the old pond she used to skate on when she was a kid.
She steps gingerly, careful so as not to slip as she walks to her snow-covered car parked near a small grove of icy trees next to the bar. She lets out a small gasp when she opens the icy door and a small avalanche slides from the roof of her car into her Uggs.
He’d slipped out the side door about five minutes before she did but the snow had started up again and was falling so fast there was no trace of footprints anywhere.
She quickly closes the car door against the rest of the world, a cold cocoon their only haven.
Her body visibly shivers from the combination of snow in her boots and cold leather against her denim covered perfect ass, a situation quickly resolved when he reaches for her, pulling her over the armrest between the two front seats onto the warmth of his lap.
She opens her mouth to say something but his mouth crushes down on hers, his hands in her hair pulling her closer. He tastes of beer, tobacco and what she imagines manna from Heaven would taste like.
Circumstance and obligation keep them from each other more often than not but the slightest hint of possibility would have her out the door at a moments notice. And like the post office, neither rain nor snow could stop her.
Cursing the barrier between the two front seats he mumbles something against the softness of her neck and she slides onto the butter-soft leather of the back seat, glad she had the foresight to bring along her cape to blanket them against the storm.
Ok so here’s the deal; this is James and Lizzie, you’re going to be hearing from them quite a bit soon, but I just wanted to introduce you to them a little bit. And I will keep all the uh, word things (I can’t call them chapters. Yet.) together which, what a concept huh? Check me out, I’m learning and stuff!
So James owns this bar where local bands play (he and Lizzie are in separate bands) and stuff happens. Oh yeah, James has a twin brother because don’t they always? Ok maybe sometimes but whatever, he has a twin and I tried to keep him away but he wouldn’t shut up.
Oh yeah, James and Lizzie are vampires.


dtretiak says:

My attention was caught by the “local bands” hook, as I have been a musician for over 20 years and have incorporated a my love for music into a novel I am currently working on (Haven’t really hammed out a title yet, so for now its just called “The Immortals”). Also intrigued as you are writing this is present tense which has always been an aspect of writing that has eluded me. While not my primary focus right now, I have started writing a Vampire novel in the first person as a bit of a writing assignment for myself. Feel free to hope on over and check my blog and let me know what you think.

How funny it is that you mentioned me writing in the present tense, it’s something I always had a problem with so I decided to face my fears and just give it a try. I’m really looking forward to reading your writings, I’m following you now and I can’t wait to read. I’m a musician also, well, if you want to call a lead singer a musician ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I do write my own songs and I guess that’s one of the reasons I’m incorporating it into some of my writing, they say write what you know and what I know more than anything is the whole local band scene; growing up in NJ and spending so much time in NYC seeing bands at CBGB’s and Max’s Kansas City captured me and never let me go.
By the way, hi, it’s nice to meet you ๐Ÿ™‚

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