{May 9, 2013}   I Lied

this is it
I told you once that given a choice
between never having known you at all
or knowing you’re happy anywhere on the planet
without me
I would wish you the happy wherever you are
just knowing you are out there
anywhere at all
breathing the same air
feeling the same sun soak into your skin
the way you soak into me
that would be enough for me
I could close my eyes and feel
the skin on skin
sip your perfect breath in my mind
hear the whisper of your fingers against my flesh
and the sense memory would be enough
to carry me through all the bad parts
I lied
in a way though
it was almost true
because I believed it myself
at the time I didn’t quite realize
how naive it was
to think this distance between us
was insurmountable
at least for more than just a little while
when you pull away like the tide
there’s a leftover sparkle where once was you
it tells me tales and weaves me words
and I remember you’re the one that was promised me
the epitome of all I dreamed of
that’s right about the time amnesia might be welcome
a drink from the River Lethe might quell the longing
for perfection and the sweet taste of ambrosia
it isn’t always easy
and I’ll go down fighting with a smile
but if I had to choose
never knowing you might be the wiser choice
that piece of me you stole would be safe and sound
and locked up tight
and this fire down deep wouldn’t scorch me so
though still you would haunt my dreams
I just wouldn’t know your name


Great post 🙂
If you have the time please checkout my new story about love:

Thank you! I love your story and left a comment over there, thank you for sharing! 🙂 I’m so happy when I find new people to read!

oh no! you’re not there?!?!?!?

The site name messed up 😦 old links won’t work anymore I’m afraid.

aha! I found it another way and left a comment 😉

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