{May 8, 2013}   Truth

it was true from the start
before she knew he spent his nights there too
back then
down by the water,
same place she made a pledge to the moon
and wished on a million stars
the same grains of sand were brushed from different skin
it was true when his eye caught hers
from across the room
and she felt the memory-shiver of a summer breeze against sunburned skin,
that sea-tang scent tickling her senses
never sure which side of the pleasure/pain line she was on,
sometimes they’re both the same you see,
but it’s truer now
when she stops to think about it,
just cut through all the bullshit and catch the glimmer,
there’s diamonds buried on that beach
mixed among stars that fell out of the sky along with her forgotten tears
and he was always good at finding hidden treasure


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