{May 8, 2013}   These Tears Of Mine

It’s never he who cries
but always me who cries
at the drop of a hat or a sideways glance
it begins to build up
from deep down inside
these tears of mine are ever-present
and my constant companion
perhaps it could be the pull of the moon
it affects me like the tides
salty wet foaming
changing the shoreline
and the direction of my thoughts
in the blink of an eye
when I think of tears falling down his face
it makes me remember that
it’s my face that was made for tears
my heart cracks like shells battered by the tide
crunching underfoot
and I can taste sincerity in every bittersweet drop
so rest assured and do not weep
in case anyone is keeping score
I’ve shed enough tears
for the both of us


Renard Moreau says:

[ Smiles ] Another lovely poem!

<> thank you! I’m learning as I go 😉

I really enjoyed it 🙂

I’m glad you liked it, i’m really loving this WP place, so much good writing here I’m looking forward to learning the ropes a little better so I can read more,inbetween writing. The rest of life can wait for awhile 😉

Thank you! (off to enjoy you 😉 )

I like some of the same blogs you do! I enjoyed this poem, too!

Thank you so much!

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