{May 8, 2013}   Self Preservation

It’s easier for me
to ice you out first
to shut down this heart of mine
and let my heart freeze solid
this isn’t a warning
but a statement of fact
based off the previous
leftover from all the times that came before
don’t misunderstand though
the heat between us rages
fire burning is a constant where we are concerned
but I’m afraid
future fallout nags at me
betrayal and disappointment
waits just a little further on down the road
I know this like I know my own name
it’s inevitable and I don’t trust
you me or any of this
I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop
so until further notice
I shall remain barefoot


Renard Moreau says:

[ Smiles ] This is another nice one.

(smiles back) you know how some days you need a little something more just to get thru? yeah, that, and thank you for that.

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