{May 7, 2013}   Angel Tears

angel tears
With my hands in my pockets
and my fingers crossed
I step outside myself
looking for an in
waiting for a sign or perhaps a drop of rain
to mingle with a lone teardrop
escaped when I wasn’t looking
I hide inside myself
when I can get away with it
you don’t seem to let me though
not without a fight
you call me out
study my scars
lick my wounds
slap my ass when I need it most
in a manner of speaking
the reflection in the mirror always was you
even when my eyes were closed
determined and unafraid
you push my limits and my buttons
with a calm serenity and a wild streak
you peeked over the edge a time or two
pulled yourself back
then came up for air
when the ice opened up beneath you
you laughed and pushed on through
and when the walls crashed down
you picked them up and kept on running
didn’t matter what you were running to
as long as you kept on moving
but sometimes you stop
you rest
right here when the stars are in the right place
there’s a twinkle
a certain sparkle guaranteed to melt steel
and you shine
you wrote a symphony awhile back
I learned it by heart
and called your name with a whisper and a prayer
the wind is at our backs to navigate this last part
it’s bumpier than the rest
but baby-steps are safer anyway
the angels wept last night
hidden in the rain for propriety’s sake
but nobody else was aware
that’s the beauty of being invisible
so when I forget the safe-word
remind me it’s unnecessary
the like-to-like thing takes over
a chain reaction
when nobody’s watching
if we keep our fingers crossed
we can once again burn


Renard Moreau says:

[ Smiles ] Beautiful poetry!

Thank you! Or in regular me-speak, aww shucks 😉

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