{May 5, 2013}   May 5th 2013 ~ Think Of Travis Alexander Today

angelwingstravisheadstoneThe following is a repost from EggTreeNews Blog right here on WP. I am respectfully asking you take a moment and think of Travis Alexander and his Family today. Even the briefest of good thoughts can bring a small measure of comfort to a Family who really needs it right now. And if you haven’t yet read the EggTreeNews Blog then get thee there, awesome writing with that perfect dash of humor exactly when and where it’s needed. I hope I’m not breaking WP rules by reposting this but it’s important.Thank you!
Message from Tanisha Sorenson
To All the Supporters of Travis and our Family,
As the time is now near to verdict time our family needs your support more than ever now. You all have been true examples of Christ, very giving , caring, kind hearted, and loving. The support of all of you has been heartfelt and has brought many smiles to our families faces during these hard times. We will be forever grateful !
I know that the most important thing we can all continue doing is getting down on our knees and praying to the Lord that we will have Justice for Travis here on this earth. I know there will be Justice in the life to come in the eternities but I feel that the Lord will also have his hand in bringing Justice here on earth. Our Heavenly father hears our prayers and he will answer them.
The jury will get this case on Monday the 6th and that’s why I have a special request from all of you to join us as we pray and fast for the Jury, For our Family, For Travis, and For the Ultimate Justice in this case.My family and I will be fasting and praying on Sunday May 5th. I know from my own personal experience that the Lord has answered my prayers after I fasted, and that’s why I know if we all do it on Sunday the 5th , he will see that we all have faith in him and that Justice is what we want and I feel he will deliver as he touches the hearts of the Jurors.
We have all been brought together thru this horrible tragedy, we have all been touched by Travis and his inspiration as he was alive, by the things he did while he was alive, and by the people he helped and served while he was alive, and because of the Death of this amazing man , we all share the love, the loss, the hope, the sorrow, the life, the faith, the gratitude, the strength, the empathy, and the unity, together. May the Lord continued to bless all of you for all the strength and love you have shown our family.
Don’t be sad for Travis for he is happy, in a wonderful place doing the Lords work, he continues to teach, learn, serve, laugh, make others laugh, sing, and rejoice in happiness. He is with our Savior Jesus Christ, he is with us in our hearts and minds , and he will be with us as we get the Verdict of Guilty of first degree Murder and have Justice for him! Our family loves you all!! Our Heavenly Father loves you, and Travis loves you!!

I will be fasting on Sunday 5/5 in support of Travis and the family, and hope that others will as well. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer (regardless of one’s faith), especially in large numbers. We are all in this together.

Strength in empathy,


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