{May 5, 2013}   I Too Am Half Sick Of Shadows

lady of shallot lady of shalott1<
i remember that night
when you said it was inevitable
i laughed at your surety
and wished for your certainty
then chalked it all up to my imagination
putting it away for a rainy day
because it rains a lot in my world
with or without the sunshine
you come on like a thundercloud
shaking my world with a word
and there's a ripple effect
maybe you knew when you said what you said
that you were planting a seed
but i wonder if you expected this garden
out of control
it pokes through sometimes when you least expect it
when the moon is just right and the fear is quenched
the filters gone and the floodgates open
and i hang on to every single word
like clinging to a life raft
riding the waves but mostly
i float


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