{May 4, 2013}   9 Days Out of 10 We Don’t Like You Either Nurmi

travis2juan1juannurmiThat’s a lie. 10 days out of 10 we don’t like Nurmi but this isn’t really about Nurmi. Although since I brought it up, lets spend a few words on that useless piece of disgusting crap.For starters, I guess we have to give him a tiny bit of credit for trying to get off this case. He claimed poverty so they upped his rate but as you see if you’ve watched the trial, he spent most of his time sprawled out in a chair that was thisclose to breaking because it couldn’t take his weight. I bet he spent most of his time imagining all those sex-crimes he was missing out on because that’s what Kirk Nurmi does, he represent sex offenders, pedophiles, rapists and the like. His website pretty much guarantees he’ll get them off too.

And then there’s Jennifer Wilmot aka Wilma, she’s the one sitting next to the Murderess. I almost feel sorry for Wilma, when Arias gets that guilty verdict she just might go apeshit on her new BFF.Perhaps Wilma should have thought of that before she decided to dress Arias in the same clothes Wilma wore. Borderline Personality Disorder people like Jodi Arias don’t want to be trifled with and I think Wima may have trifled a bit too much.

The biggest problem I have with the defense team is the way they attempted to destroy the reputation of the man Arias admittedly slaughtered. I won’t even repeat the lies they told about Travis Alexander, every single lie was from the mouth of Arias. I don’t want to rehash this entire trial but I do want to mention someone who is an angel here on earth. Juan Martinez, Prosecutor Extraordinaire.

Mr. Martinez spoke for Travis. I will write about Juan Martinez another time, as well as Travis Alexander but right now, I just keep hearing what Nurmi said in his closing argument yesterday. He said and I quote, “9 days out of 10 I don’t even like Jodi Arias.”
Nice way to support your client Nurmster.
Don’t get me wrong, I’d have puked if he tried to say something nice about her but really? I just hope that wasn’t some stupid attempt to try and get an appeal.

I apologize for being all over the place with what I’m writing, I’m still a mess over the death of my Mom but she’s the one who got me watching this trial so this is for you Mom, I’ll get back to my real writing soon, I promise.


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