{May 3, 2013}   Learning Curve
Proof (I actually do wear dresses on occasion)

Proof (I actually do wear dresses on occasion)

This is me. Sorta.
Well it’s a picture of me wearing a dress which I very rarely do. I wore it for my Mom that day, I knew she’d appreciate me wearing a dress to her Funeral Mass. She will always be my Best Friend. But this isn’t about grief. No, this is selfishly about me. Writing. Me and writing.
Writing is like breathing to me and my Mom knew it. I’ve been writing at this most awesome website where the triggers change 4 times a day and you get the cutest little box and a 300 word limit. I’m kinda on the obsessive side so I have like nearly 1000 pieces of, words over there.

Maybe I should reread what I’ve written and make order out of chaos.

So I created this bloggy thing a year or so ago and started writing here after my Mom died two weeks ago tomorrow. it’s like I have to. So I will.

But I have to take the time to find my way around, there’s a lot of new writers I’m itching to find and I’m still trying to figure out how to insert photos in this here strange but wonderful new world I’ve finally fallen into…kinda like Alice tumbling down that damn old hole in the ground and as usual, I’m late, I’m late, for, well, something or other.

Here’s to one door closing and another one opening. or something like that.


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