{May 1, 2013}   Top Dog

They huddled together in the cold night air pack-like, huffing and puffing and
sniffing the air for the slightest trace of challenge.

He’d picked up her scent before the rest of them, mixed in with the smell of
cigarettes, pheromones and stale beer. His body reacted instinctive,
blood pounding, bones and muscle poised to shift into the animal he hid beneath
his clothes.

He took a long pull off his beer to keep himself from growling as she turned
the corner with a sassy step, an unlit cigarette dangling from her perfect
red-stained mouth.

The rest of them, the mistaken others who thought they had a chance with her
rushed forward, lighters ablaze, shouldering each other aside just to be the
one to provide her with anything she wanted.

He held himself back. Cocksure and confidant of his position as leader of the
pack he leaned against the wall watching.

His suppressed growl morphed into a barely discernible chuckle as he watched
her skillfully make her way through the near-panting males till she came to a
full stop in front of him.

He cocked an eyebrow as her delicate fingers reached up and slid his cigarette
from his lips to light her own, mirth bubbling behind her blue eyes as they met

“Thanks,” was all she said outloud.

Her body language said the rest as she slouched against the same cold brick
wall deliberately brushing her shoulder against his.

His nostrils flaring as her strong scent filled the invisible bubble around the
two of them was the only show of the effect she had on him.

The rest of the pups around them did their best to inch closer to her but they
escaped her notice.

She knew who she belonged to.

She was his perfect pet.


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