{May 1, 2013}   In The Way

It wasn’t so much that she felt she was in the way, it was more like she felt she was unnecessary.
She would sit at the kitchen table all day long and drink endless cups of tea and chain smoke while sketching furiously in pencil.
She never took it further than that.
She’d hunch protectively over her sketchbook while images came to life in front of her.
Her cigarettes would burn themselves out more often than not, her brow furrowed as she chewed on her bottom lip rather than break her concentration and reach for a smoke.
After dropping into the ranks of the UberUnemployed (the ones who’d been unable to find a job for so long the government didn’t even bother to count them in the monthly Unemployment numbers), she resigned herself to the housewife role.
She cooked she cleaned she existed and nobody noticed. Not really.
She noticed their inattention though, and she hid it away in her sketchbook. That was where she lived for now.
There was magic inside those pages.
She just needed to figure out the way in.


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