{May 1, 2013}   Flying Dream

Hard as we tried we couldn’t outrun them.
We could barely out-drive them as we zig-zagged through the unfamiliar streets of an unfamiliar city.
This wasn’t the Manhattan we remembered.
If we could just find a way out of the city, if we could just find a way to the Holland Tunnel, or the Lincoln Tunnel or whatever the fuck they called it in this alternate reality because no way in hell this was the city I knew and I wanted out of there asap.
Of course I knew I was caught in a dream and we wouldn’t get out of there until I woke up. Or I wouldn’t wake up until we got out of there.
Was this even my dream or was I stuck in someone else’s dream?
Buildings miles tall and claustrophobic, everything gray and colorless but for the mad blood-red grins on the faces of those things flying after us.
They were vampires, somehow I knew this, but I never imagined a flock of vampires flying in a V formation like birds headed south for the winter.
They drooled fire as they buzzed down nearer to the car we’d stolen fleeing the city. The streets were all the same, a tangled mess incomprehensible and not a person to be seen anywhere.
Even the fire drizzling down upon us was colorless but it burned like acid wherever it landed.
I huddled in the backseat of an unfamiliar clutter-filled car watching out the back window as we tore through the streets trying to evade those snarling creatures. Nearly impossible as they flew after us buzzing down, toying with us like a clowder of cats with a near-dead mouse.
“Wake up,”I heard myself say as my eyes opened only to find myself huddled in a backseat,vampires flying behind us.


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